Training Success

We are honored to be able to share the success that we have with our training program. We pride ourselves on offering quality training to those seeking a new career path, joining our team means you are guaranteed the training you need to be safe and successful in the motor coach transportation industry. Here at Abbott Bus Lines we took the initiative to provide training to those who do not currently hold a Commercial Drivers License. Those individuals go through a series of training steps to guarantee they meet the Federal, State and Abbott regulations before we allow them behind the wheel of any vehicles. Once these individuals complete those steps and graduate from the training program, they dress for success and hit the roads to offer our customers the most professional service available.

If you or a friend you know, is seeking a career change. Give us a call and find out how we can help hit the road for success!

We are honored to welcome these fellow drivers to our family!

rebecca brucke

cyndi byrd

david duncombe

paul herndon

phillip mCcormack

james “jc” morgan

toniekia poole

thomas rhodes

Michael siehien

david sloper

barker taylor

matt west

christian woodruff